once upon a time, there was a little spearow named wing. wing always dreamed of flying to space so he could redime honor in the spearow pride. he tried and tried, but never gave up! so in time, wing grew bigger and stronger and could now fly up to the atmosphere. How proud was his family, but he still diddnt have honor. In order to redim honor, he must face flak the Hawk in a death race to space! On the day of the race, Flak douded Wing and said that he coulnt do anything, so this made Wing mad.

As the wistle blew, Wing and Flak flew up into the sky to win or die! The air wooshing passed them as they pump their wings. Wing count see Flak above the clouds, but he diddnt give up. He pumped his tiny spearow wings with all his might until he wooshed above Flak. Flak was in 2cnd now. They both knew they were almost their because of the decrease in oxegen. Still pumping, Flak comes right beside Wing and right as their about to reach space, Flak runs out of breath and falls back down to earth. Wing has made it. He reached space. The crowd on earth cheered like crazy until the scream of Wings mother creid. Wing had no air with him so he was stuck in space forever. But, Wing got to his goal and triumphed before his death, and he knew, that he had redimed his family honor.

( moral: never give up until you get what you want.)