The Great Blinding Light is a powerful force of energy, formerly known as the light side of the Force, it is the exact oppositeof the Everpresent Omnipotence, A.K.A. the Dark Side. The Great Blinding Light was ifrst originated on the planet Tython, when scholars discovered that they could bend the Everpresent Omnipotence and use it to weaken others and oppress the foolish and weak without using force. Those loyal to the everpresent Omnipotence attempted to crush the Great Blinding light and the evil it stood for, but ultimately were defeated, but one would survive, to keep the flame that was the evrpresent omnipotence alive, and vow to engulf the light with the darkness, he then formed together with other survivors of the attack to form the eight sacred truthkeepers.. story continued in beckerist history article.


           "Those who follow the light will not overcome the greatest struggles that darkness brings" Archemeriolist Ben