This is a list of Dark side classes for swtor.

Bounty Hunter

     The Bounty Hunter class is a class for swtor available to Dark side players, the bounty hunter uses heavy armor and light guns to destroy opponents, the Bounty Hunter also can use his/her flamethrower and jetpack in combat, little is known about that they start on Nal Hutta trying to enter THe Great HUnt to make a whole bunch of money.

Sith warrior

    Is a class available to Dark side players in swtor, the Sith warrior is what Decker and Ben would play as if they get the game. the warrior attacks with many force powers and uses lightsabers. The sith warrior also starts of on the planet Korriban for the game.

Imperial/Sith Agent

     Is another dark side class for swtor released in 11/13/09, friday the thirteenth, the imperial agent is the third dark side class and, according to what screenshots ther are uses a variety of weapons and light armor.

Sith Inquisitor