In SWTOR the Imperial Agent (SWTOR Class) is the third class that will be adherent to the everpresent omnipotence. Little is known about the story of the Imperial Agent, but it is expected to start out on Balmorra. No real, substansial gameplay has been released, but the little gameplay that has been released shows use of rifles, armor, personal shields, and (most annoyingly) the ability to call in an airstrike. They are respected by their fellow soldiers and contain many golden medals. The best of the Imperial agents get a weapon know as the Sharma, a lighted sword with a curved stick able to slice through any material except itself. The agents even get the proud choice of color. They come in red(most popular), blue(least popular), green, purple, pink and (all time favorite).


     I think that those few imperial agents who get cocky will be annoying, and potentially dangerous enemies, but once those are elimenated, they will make useful allies.