The Cyber Fear Crisis was a period in Beckerism that was by far the most damaging conflict in Beckerist History, the Cyber fear Crisis started because of Alex Kokka starting a group against Beckerism, with no real name, leading it to be known only as Al Kokka, in reference to the name, the group had no real name and was only held together because a common hate for Beckerism. The Cyber Fear Crisis severly scrambled Beckerist communication networks, and the damages are still seen to this day. The Cyber Fear Crisis was officialy brought to end after Alex Kokka offered ceasfire only a day after it officialy began, however guerilla attacks continued, whilein the end no one was hurt, this showed people just how vulnerable beckerism could be, the result was the exile of Alex Kokka and another Beckerist whos name is not our property, bringing of the hated one to shame, and ignorance by other beckerists, the changes are still being repaired.