ANcient stories, and the eightsacred truthkeepers.

Note: further information, and an intro to this part in the Great Blinding light article.

     Those who had once fought to defend their freedom, and preserve the Everpresent Omnipotence, were now only eight in number, they had spent five years on the empty planet of Dromund Kaas, perfecting their powers, learning to call on the Everpresent Omnipotence and what fed it for strength, their names were, plague, vengance, Devastation, jealousy, passion, strength, power, and victory, the truthkeepers, the first adherents of the Dark Side dun dun dunnnnnnnnn. Eventually the sacred truthkeepers prepared for war, the time was come, the day in which a thousand fires would burn, this day in history when the eight truthkeepers found salvation is known only as the first Goolchabecke.

Chapter two: The eight truthkeepers celebrate Goolchabecke

     The Eight truthkeepershad been studying the dark side for years now and knew that it was the time to strike the pitiful light siders, in a small area of Space known only as the republic, but knew they couldn't do that without and empire of their own. There was one problem though, throughout there tenure as the first dark siders, they had grown powerful, so powerful in fact that they were preparing to merge with the Everpresent Omnupotence, one last time they prayed to Spode, and celebrated a great party for weeks celebrating Spode, his time of spode would forever be known as the first Goolchabecke. Spode wa spleased with this display so he told the 8 keepers that he would create three people that would embody them, the whole entire Beckerism religion would receive a prophecy that offered the words plague, vengance, devastation, jealousy, passion, strength power, and victory; They were destined to be spodes chosen, but only one would triumph in the end.

Chapter Three:

Also note the light side sacred eight are: Weakness, mercy, charity, serenity, pity, compassion, self-sacrifice, trust.